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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

CRPV (Vegetal Production Research Center) is a co-operative company located in Emilia-Romagna region (I) with the task to promote research, experimentation and spreading.
Founded in 1996 to meet the needs of the regional organised production, it embodies the activity of ERSO, ESAVE and CERAS. In this way, it was possible to obtain a single corporation which deals with the organisation of the research demand in the vegetal production field through three main groups: fruit, vegetables, seeds, floriculture; viticulture and oenology; cereals, beets and oilseed crops.
A considerable number of members, among producer associations, economic organisations, center of research and professional education, public administrations and private companies, are joined to the social basis of CRPV.
The Region Emilia-Romagna acknowledged the CRPV's activity through legislative acts as far as it concerned planning and co-ordination of the research and experimentation projects and diffusion of the obtained results in the vegetal production field.
CRPV boasts many prestigious collaborations in the development of its own activity: Universities, National Research Centre, Emilia-Romagna Region, Ministry of Agriculture, European Union. Furthermore it is associated with several laboratories as ASTRA s.r.l. (Center technological attendance productions vegetables – Faenza Italy), Net-Agree s.r.l (software company – Cesena Italy) and 3A-PTA (the Agricultural and Food Technology Park - Pantalla di Todi Italy).
The spreading activity of results is carried out through conferences, technical meetings, pomological exhibitions, monographies. Great relief is paid in a continuous and complete modernization of data and information on the website The “Plans & Development” department of CRPV keeps it characterised due to the innovation and modularity of planning participations first of all offered to the social basis, but also to private companies and public districts.
The company has obtained the certification to the quality system ISO 9001:2000 in relation to the organization of the demand for research and experimentation, to the valorization and protection of the vegetables innovation and to the realization of experimental tests and several spreading initiatives: CRPV is subscribed into the National anagraphic research card-index, listed by the code 80691011.
Main Research Programs: Genetic improvement; Plant-protection; Environment-friendly policies; Organic agriculture; Improvement of fruits care; Agri-environment themes; Convertson of biomass resources into the raw materials used to produce a diverse array of bioproducts.
Services: Spreading of the results; Data bank management; Integrated production regulation updating; New variety protection; Supply chain tracing; Accounting and secretariat.

Address : Via dell'Arrigoni, 120 - 47023 Cesena (FC)
Phone : +39 0547313522
Fax : +39 0547317246
E-mail :
Website :


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