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Wednesday, March 29, 2017
The Emilia-Romagna Region
The Emilia-Romagna Region, one out of the 20 Regions in which the Italian territory is subdivided under the administrative aspect, should be considered within the 15 macro sub-regions of the European Union where the higher economic development levels are recognised (see Table 1). The region consists of 9 provinces and 348 municipalities. The Emilia-Romagna Region covers an area of 22,445.54 km² (2009), therefore 47.8% are plain, 25.3% are mountains and 27.6% hills. The region has a population of 4,337,966 inhabitants (2009).
Emilia-Romagna Region
Value Added Per Capita
28,068 €
Value of the exported goods
36,416.5 mil. €
Value of the imported goods
21,645.3 mil. €
Employment rate
Unemployment rate
Table No. 1
Since many years its local Administrations have shown a specific attention towards Sustainable Development policies and related energy systems, more and more considered as a priority aspect by Institutions and Organisations at both international and national level. In particular, the Region carried out different programmatic and legislative initiatives which are coherent with both the national policies and the European Unions directives. So the Regional Energy Plan – prepared on the basis of the Regional Frame Law 26/2004 – is focused on the promotion and implementation of programmatic activities which will favour the renewable energies exploitation and, at the same time, activate concrete initiatives supporting the energy saving and the efficient use of energy. According to national data on the gross electric energy production, the Emilia-Romagna Region produces the 3,2% of Italian electric energy by RES. Specifically, the regional renewable sources with the highest incidence at the national scale are represented by biomass, the municipal solid waste (biodegradable), biogas and bioliquids. In 2008, thanks to the production of plants fed by these kind of RES, the Emilia-Romagna region accounted for 14,8% (886,8 GWh) on the national total (5.966,4 GWh) of these kind of RES.
In agreement with the Regional institutional level, has emerged the requirement to concentrate the MAKE-IT-BE efforts in a Province area (territory and administration) in order to make more penetrating the project action. On the base of this decision and after surveys on the availability of the different local administrations, the Province of Forlì-Cesena, which had expressed a strong interest, was selected to collaborate and to be involved actively in the MAKE-IT-BE agenda.
General data for Province of Forli-Cesena
Province of Forlì-Cesena
2,376.80 km2
N° of Municipalities
Population density
163 inhabitants/ km2
Value Added
10,520.1 mil. €
Value Added Per Capita
27,112 €
Value of the exported goods
2,212.8 mil. €
Value of the imported goods
1,232.4 mil. €
Employment rate
Unemployment rate



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